DOC officers monitor sex offenders in area neighborhoods on Halloween night

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Halloween is one of the most festive nights of the year, but before the little ones hit the streets Tuesday night in Baton Rouge, Probation and Parole officers with the Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC) were busy checking in on registered sex offenders.

WAFB rode along with one of the seven crews that spent the evening canvassing the capital area. The goal was to make sure the roughly 175 registered offenders the group monitors in the city were following the rules on Halloween night.

"We do it across the board because of the way the law dictates. They're not allowed to participate in any of these types of activities," said Officer Hood.

Officers Hood and Laurent are just one of the teams that traveled street by street to certain neighborhoods tasked with making house calls. They worked from a list and once they zeroed in on the right spot, they looked in and around each offender's home to make sure they were not having a party, did not have up any decorations, and that they did not have on a porch light or pass out any candy.

Hood says it is not a chance to punish those offenders, but to keep them in line with the law. "Our biggest job is to help rehabilitate them," said Hood.

Anyone caught in violation could face a warning or even jail time. Hood says they normally do not have any issues during the checks, but the WAFB crew was required to wear bullet proof vests just in case.

The small part of the holiday usually flies under the radar, and the officers working the patrol say it means that they have done their jobs well. "Our goal is just to make sure that everybody's safe, both the community, as well as the cases that we're supervising," Hood added.

On the Louisiana State Police website, anyone can check for possible sex offenders in their neighborhoods.

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