Baton Rouge lawyer, former NAACP president accused of altering police report

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Kwame Asante, 46, was arrested for allegedly forging a police report and sending it to credit reporting agency, Experian.

Asante is a Baton Rouge lawyer whose practice is located on Florida Boulevard. He's also the former NAACP president of Baton Rouge chapter.

"On September 13, Asante made a report as if he was a victim of identity theft," said Sgt. Don Coppola with the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Coppola says Asante told police his identity was stolen and several credit cards were opened using his stolen identity. Coppola says five days later, Asante went to BRPD headquarters to buy his police report. In that report, there's something included called a victim's letter.

"The initial victim's letter that is received is only one or two short paragraphs confirming that the victim made a report with the Baton Rouge Police Department and is listed in that report as a victim," said Coppola.

But police say Asante actually forged that victim's letter.

"Asante falsified and altered these reports by taking the victim statement and putting not only the information he provided to officers concerning his initial complaint about identity theft, but added additional information that was not provided to the Baton Rouge Police Department," said Coppola.

Officials say Asante then sent the altered letter to Experian, which felt something did not seem right, so they called BRPD. When both parties compared the victim's letters, they said they both concluded it had been altered.

Asante was arrested and is charged with forgery and computer fraud.

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