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Ochsner suggesting patients ask questions to help fight antibiotic resistance


Ochsner Health Center is recommending six questions to ask healthcare providers to help fight antibiotic resistance.

While antibiotics help fight bacterial infection, bacteria are changing to escape the effectiveness of antibiotics, known as antibiotic resistance. Dr. Timothy Durel, primary care physician at Ochsner Health Center – O’Neal, is recommending six questions for patients to ask:

  • What bacteria is causing my infection? Is this a viral infection?
  • Can my symptoms improve with an antibiotic?
  • Are there safer options to treat my infections?
  • What can I do to help my symptoms?
  • When should I expect to start feeling better?
  • What are some things I should look for in case I need an antibiotic later?

“Antibiotics do not combat the viruses that cause most sinus infections, ear infections, colds, and the flu. They only treat bacterial infections,” said Dr. Durel. “Taking antibiotics for these conditions will not help, and has been shown to actually cause problems. Asking the right questions when you see your provider can help ensure you get the right treatment and can help reduce antibiotic resistance.”

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