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Slaughter Community Charter School cuts ribbon on new school after decade of planning

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A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the official opening of Slaughter Community Charter School. Board members have been planning for the permanent school building for a decade.

Civics teacher, Devyn Baker, knows how to keep his students focused on the lesson at hand. He says they have always been in tune with the subject matter, but these days, their love of learning has reached a whole new level.

“The students are more involved, more engaged. They want to be here now,” said Baker.

Baker says their new environment has a lot to do with it. More than 360 students and teachers have gone from having class in temporary buildings for six years to a brand new, permanent school with more space and structure.

The 7th through 12th grade school has a contemporary feel and includes a gym, cafeteria, science and music labs, and a library. Seventh grader, Marrion Perry, says he won't soon forget his first day of school this year. He had been looking forward to it all summer.

“I felt like, oh I can't wait to see what the school looks like and it made me get butterflies in my stomach to just see how the day was going to go,” said Perry.

It appears to be going better than expected. School Chief Executive Officer Clint Ebey has a newfound sense of pride as he walks around and shows off the Knights’ new home. “It just brings a sense of stability to the community, to the school. The kids are excited, the teachers are excited. It's been great,” said Ebey.

Ebey says should the school's success multiply, the new campus was built to hold additional students and even extend its curriculum to include 6th grade. He says no matter how much they grow, his staff will always build on the same foundation.

“Just making sure that they are prepared to exist beyond us, that's always been our goal,” said Ebey.

The new construction was made possible through an $8 million USDA loan. The school also plans to build a football stadium next year.

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