COPY-April 8, 2005 - "Artists' Studio Tour"

You love to look at the beauty they create, but have you ever wanted to see how they do it? Sunday's your chance.  WAFB's Allen Tumey has news on the second annual Artists' Studio Tour.

The Baton Rouge Gallery is one of the oldest co-operative galleries in the U.S.A. The artists themselves run it. It's always free, but this Sunday from 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., you can buy a ticket which will get you a chance to watch five of the artists at work in their studios. One of them is photographer Amy James.

"A lot of my clients have never seen where I work," says James.  "A lot of my friends have never seen where I work. I'm going to actually make a print for them if they would like to see me make a print."

Along with Amy and three painters, Potter Leanne McClurg opens her studio Sunday.  "I guess you get to see where the magic happens, where they work and what's surrounding them when they work."

Tickets are 15 dollars for non members, and 10 dollars for members and students. The studio tour is the major fundraiser for the Baton Rouge Gallery.

"It has provided a great place for me to show my work, be a part of the community, sell my work.  Just to see that my work is public and that people can see it and experience it and maybe expand their idea of what ceramics is or what art is."

You can get tickets at the Gallery or any DeAngelo's.  The Baton Rouge Gallery is in City Park, right next to the golf course.