Gonzales holds day at the park for kids with special needs

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - Over 230 kids with special needs got to enjoy a very special event on Tuesday: a day at the park just for them.

The Gonzales Rotary Club put on Kids in the Park event. They've been doing it for more than 18 years. It's an opportunity for kids with special needs to make new friends and get out of the classroom, something they don't get to do often. Teachers are on hand to supervise, and they say this event is a big highlight for them as well.

"Gets our children out into society to be able to play with other students and just have a good day, a break from their studies," said teacher, Donna Gainey. "And be able to socialize with other kids."

"We enjoy it," said Ann Robert, a para-educator. "We know children from other schools. Sometimes they might move in the parish, and we'll see their friends we taught earlier in the years, and we really enjoy it."

"Rotary is about service above self, and so this is a way of providing service to a group of individuals who sometimes, you know, they may be forgotten a little bit," said Jon Hirsch, spokesman for the Rotary Club. "And it's just something special that we can do for them."

The Rotary Club expects to hold this event again next year.

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