Man says sunroof spontaneously shattered while driving

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - About two weeks ago, a man says he experienced the unthinkable. "I swerved, but I caught the car. I was trying to keep myself from panicking. I thank the Lord because it could've been worse."

The man says he was driving down the interstate when he heard a pop. His sunroof had shattered. "It went into a million pieces. I didn't know what happened at first," said the man.

He went straight to the Mercedes Benz dealership, where they replaced his panoramic sunroof, but he left with no explanation for how or why his sunroof exploded, which  We reached out to an auto glass shop to find out what could have caused it. "The sunroofs, the panoramic roofs, it's just a big piece of tempered glass," said Kenny Laiche with Gryder Discount Glass.

It appears this is not an isolated incident. Consumer Reports says car owners have filed almost 900 complaints with the federal government, usually within the first two years of purchasing the vehicle. The list includes more than 30 different automakers.

Laiche says the tempered glass is sensitive in certain areas. Even a small pebble could cause the glass to break. Laiche says if you hit it in the right spot, around the edges, it will shatter. Thousands of pieces of glass will be sent flying through the vehicle, but Laiche says not to worry. Sunroof glass is made to break into tiny pieces to prevent passengers from cutting themselves on the razor sharp glass.

For those drivers who aren't convinced and think heat is the culprit, Laiche says no. "When they temper a glass, they temper it in over 1,500 degrees, so your car would have to get over 1,500 degrees for it to break. The sun is not going to make it that hot."

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