Gov. Edwards speaks out on prison reforms about to kick in

(WAFB) - Governor John Bel Edwards is speaking out on new prison reforms set to kick in November 1.

When it comes to the amount of men and women in jail, no other state has more than Louisiana. State lawmakers took a hard look at changing the state's prison culture.

Five months ago, they passed a ten bill package that will result in hundreds of inmates getting released early, including inmates who received 20-year sentences for third offense marijuana possession. On average, Louisiana releases 1,500 prisoners each month, but beginning November 1, an additional 1,400 non-violent prisoners will be let go.

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"The good time law previously required they serve 45 percent of their sentence, now it's 35 percent because that's what other conservative states have done," said Edwards.

Governor Edwards also says Louisiana didn't reinvent the wheel with its prison reform program, but that the state merely copied programs which have worked in other southern states like Texas and Georgia.

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