Former New Roads mayor submits official resignation letter; mayor pro tem takes over as interim

Former New Roads mayor submits official resignation letter; mayor pro tem takes over as interim
Anthony Daisy (Source: WAFB)
Anthony Daisy (Source: WAFB)

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - Former New Roads Mayor Robert Myer officially handed in his letter of resignation Friday, October 20 after pleading no contest to felony charges Thursday.

Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Daisy will now take over as interim mayor.

The mood in New Roads was festive Friday. The annual Harvest Festival kicked off and the event is largely thanks to former mayor Robert Myer.

Myer's resignation was a condition of his no contest plea, which he he made Thursday, to malfeasance charges. This plea deal allows him to skip time behind bars for allegedly misusing city funds.

By the afternoon, a new, yet familiar face in the city, former Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Daisy, took the helm of New Roads. Daisy's morning was a flurry of phone calls, and he says his new responsibilities are slowly sinking in.

"As mayor pro tem, I guess I was a bit more laid back and not as expected to make immediate or direct decisions," said Daisy.

He plans to hit the ground running though. He already called a meeting with all department heads for early next week and wants to assure all city employees and residents that things will continue to run smoothly under his leadership. "The city was fine before and it's going to be fine, you know, in our future," said Daisy.

His priority is to get a handle on the city's budget and then he says the sky is the limit for his bold new vision for New Roads. "We're focused on infrastructure, housing, and jobs. We've improved in jobs and we want that to continue," said Daisy.

The mayor's office is still just a shell after Myer cleaned out his personal items. Daisy says he has talked to the former mayor, but for now, he wants to keep that conversation between the two of them. "That was basically a conversation I think that he and I had and I would not like to elaborate on it," said Daisy.

The interim mayor says he has a lot of respect for Myer, but admits he's excited about filling the role. He says it's a job he has every intention of making permanent.

WAFB's Scottie Hunter asked Daisy if he will run when his interim post comes to an end. "Oh yes, absolutely," Daisy admitted. "I want to run for it and I'm not bold with it, but I think I would be fit for the job."

The felony charges against Myer stem from allegations that Myer grossly misused a city credit card while in office, charging thousands of dollars for personal use. He is also accused of trading access to a city credit card to the city's financial director for sexual favors.

Myer will face one year of probation and will dodge time in prison if he pays all court costs and restitution, and meets all requirements of the plea deal. The state will dismiss all but one count of malfeasance in office, to which Myer entered a plea of no contest.

He will not be able to run for mayor again and will have to submit to finger printing. His resignation will be effective as of 9 a.m. Friday, October 20. Myer will be allowed to return to the office between now and Friday morning only to retrieve personal belongings. His official sentencing is set for January 9, 2018.

Myer's full letter of resignation can be read below.

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