Folks in New Roads comment on mayor's plea and resignation

Folks in New Roads comment on mayor's plea and resignation

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - The people who work under former New Roads Mayor Robert Myer are wondering what's next for their town.

There was literally a giant party, a carnival, set up Thursday night right across from city hall in New Roads.

It is perhaps the greatest irony of the news involving Myer. The 7th Annual Alma Plantation Harvest Festival that workers were setting up for this weekend is probably the accomplishment he's proudest of bringing to New Roads.

The comments about the mayor from residents were kind of divided. A lot of them said Myer has done a lot of good for the city, like the harvest festival.

However, others said that doesn't really matter. When you do the crime, you have to pay the time or at least probation.


It is hard for a lot of people in the city because Myer is from New Roads. He went to high school in New Roads and has stayed there his whole life.

"I went to school with him for a while," one man said. "The person I knew him as isn't a bad person. Can't say nothing bad about him."

"I feel like no crime is greater than another one, but God has the last say," another man added. "The court did what was fine, but you make your bed, you've got to lay in it."

"It's not fair that the mayor is taking money away from us when it can be put in the community for kids to do things," a young boy explained.

One of the youngest residents of New Roads said it best.

There was some consensus, as lots of folks said that this is all bigger than one person. The city of New Roads is a beautiful place and it will move on past this and prosper.

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