New Roads mayor resigns from office after pleading no contest on felony charges

New Roads mayor resigns from office after pleading no contest on felony charges

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - New Roads Mayor Robert Myer entered a plea of no contest Thursday evening on felony charges and resigned from office.

Myer appeared before Judge Elizabeth Engolio at the Iberville Parish Court House in Plaquemine to enter the plea.

He officially resigned at 9 a.m. Friday. Mayor Pro-tem Anthony Daisy will serve as interim mayor.

Myer will face one year of probation and will dodge time in prison if he pays all court costs and restitution, and meets all requirements of the plea deal. The state will dismiss all but one count of malfeasance in office, to which Myer entered a plea of no contest.

He will not be able to run for mayor again and will have to submit to finger printing. His resignation will be effective as of 9 a.m. Friday, October 20. Myer will be allowed to return to the office between now and Friday morning only to retrieve personal belongings. His official sentencing is set for January 9, 2018.

Lead prosecutor Tony Clayton says the outcome is fitting.

"It'll save us hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars of going to trial. This was a... it was a good win for the people of New Roads," said Clayton. "I mean, it's customary. If you look at the charges by themselves, they all amount up to $1,800, so I've combined all those charges money and put them into one."

The felony charges stem from allegations that Myer grossly misused a city credit card while in office, charging thousands of dollars for personal use. He is also accused of trading access to a city credit card to the city's financial director for sexual favors. Clayton says he will not be pursuing a case against that employee.

"I just think that lady went through some humiliating stuff and I believe that he exercised dominion and control over her as the mayor. She's suffered a lot and she will not be prosecuted by our office," said Clayton.

"It's an emotional time for him, so I'm going to ask that I just speak for him at the moment," said Myer's attorney, Steven Moore.

Myer remained speechless after the hearing. His attorney spoke for him, calling the outcome difficult and emotional, but something that had to be done.

"Robert Myer wanted it ended this way because he, once again, I'm going to say he's got the best interest of New Roads at heart," Moore added.

Indicted last August, Myer was set to face a trial on the charges in January of 2018, but his attorney told reporters the shred of good news in this is that Myer and the city can now put this behind them and move forward.

"He's been terrific for the city of New Roads. This was a no contest plea and Robert wanted this done for the best interest of New Roads," said Moore.

Myer was indicted on 10 felonies by a grand jury in August of 2016.


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