Wife of shooting victim says Good Samaritan stayed with her, comforted her after husband was shot

Christy Brown (Source: WAFB)
Christy Brown (Source: WAFB)

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Almost a month ago to the day, cars raced by the rural home of the Breeden's, but little did those passersbys know, D'Ann Breeden was in terrible need.

"A lot of cars passed by here at 5:45 p.m., a lot of them. I was on the ground screaming, on top of my husband, trying to see if he's dead or alive. I didn't know," said Breeden.

But a stranger, who normally takes a shortcut home, drove a different route that day. "I saw cars slowing down as they were approaching her house, but no one stopped. I didn't know why there was a sudden hit on the brakes. I saw her outside flagging for help," said Christy Brown.

This stranger says she couldn't just go on with her day, so she turned around and went back. "If it was me and I was flagging cars down, I would want somebody to stop. I couldn't keep going. That would've been on my conscious every day. I thank God I stopped to help her. I really do," said Brown.

Not knowing what she was walking into, Brown jumped out the car to find D'Ann Breeden frantically trying to save her husband, who had just been shot. Brown stepped in and not only performed CPR, but stayed on the phone with 911.

Minutes felt like seconds and the Good Samaritan stayed. "You don't just walk off. That's just like turning your back on somebody. You don't just walk off. You don't do it," she said. Brown stayed well after Carol Breeden had been rushed to the hospital.

"She just stayed with me, kept her arm around me, comforted me, and made me feel better about what's going on. If that's possible," said Breeden.

But when she left, she didn't leave her name. "Of course, my mind wasn't right that afternoon. I didn't get her name. I didn't tell her goodbye. I didn't tell her thank you and that really bothered me," said Breeden.

Breeden says she and her family searched for days to find that Good Samaritan, but with no luck, until this past Monday, when she showed up on her doorstep. "'Thank you.' Those were her words," Brown said. "'Thank you, thank you.'"

"I don't know why she stopped," said Breeden. "She told me Monday that she couldn't not stop. She had to stop because she knew that we needed help."

Brown says her faith led her down that rural road on her ride home from work. "There are too many cruel things going on in this world for you to just look over the next person," she said.

"I never met this lady a day before it happened and the first time I saw her after the fact, you can feel genuine love, a genuine appreciation that you don't feel every day, even from family members. When you meet a total stranger and you feel it, that's something from above," said Brown.

The Good Samaritan even called it her duty to stop and help a stranger, which lead to the creation of an un-explainable, yet hopefully lifelong connection. "It's joy on the inside of you. She said you have a friend for life and I said, 'you know what I do,' I have a friend for life," said Brown.

Breeden says Brown's selfless act of kindness gives her hope. "I had just about given up with all the political things going on, all the racial things going on, I had just about given up, but not now, I know better. I know there are good people from all walks of life and they do stop and they do help."

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