Ca. restaurant caught selling Popeye's chicken at hefty price; offers explanation on Facebook

Ca. restaurant caught selling Popeye's chicken at hefty price; offers explanation on Facebook

(WAFB) - One California restaurant was reportedly caught red-handed using Popeye's fried chicken as their own, but the restaurant offered up a lengthy response in return.

The issue started with a Yelp review of Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach, California where a customer recognized the chicken as being from Popeye's, even claiming he and his friends saw the Popeye's box brought into the kitchen, and called the restaurant out for it on the review site.

Then, owner of the restaurant, Kimberly Sanchez, issued a response on Facebook, saying that 95 percent of their food is made from scratch, but that they do outsource various pre-made ingredients for some menu items.

Many more reviews have come in on Yelp since then, chastising the restaurant for selling Popeye's chicken for more than Popeye's charges and for not saying that's where it comes from on their menu.

Some of the reviews can be read below:

I love supporting local non-chain businesses but doesn't using Popeyes chicken and Costco waffles defeat the purpose? These are completely pre-cooked items, not "ingredients" as the owner would like you to believe. It's deception, and the defensive snarkiness of the owner's response to other reviewers is even more alienating. 
Beyond the food, I waited over an hour on a Sunday for a table, only to wait in another line to place an order at the counter while the servers constantly pushed past as if everyone was in the way. Why we cant order at the table from the server is beyond comprehension. Why is it laid out so servers have to press past people in a line?Why is there a line to order? Completely uncomfortable experience and after reading where the food comes from, I now understand why I was underwhelmed by the food. 
I'd love to give it another chance, but the whole experience and attitude needs a readjustment. 2 stars for hope.
I'm speechless, been here boefore and thought they were pretty good, and now i look at review and this lady is so proud of serving popeyes  chicken.....just wow, if You can't fry at that location. ......dont sell fried chicken..... man what a bummer, will never return
Rip Sweet Dixie Kitchen. Not only is it sad and gross that you sell Popeyes chicken for quadruple the amount (Popeyes themselves don't even charge that much!!!) but Kim Sanchez needs "a little help from her friends" with customer service skills.

In Sanchez's response, she says that many restaurants use products they don't make in-house, but do not say that on their menus either.

The restaurant appears to have changed their description on Facebook, which originally said they make everything in-house. The description now makes note of that "darn chicken that we bring in." The full description reads:

We stay faithful to our southern roots- big flavor with conscious healthier cooking methods (except that darn chicken that we bring in) and seasonal perfection. We are the home of the Biscuit-Witch (a term we also use for the baker occasionally lol) - those delicious sandwiches on our awesome biscuits. Or a waffle sandwich or award winning pastry or....It's made with love- with the best ingredients we love - most from scratch-right down to our tomato jam and siracha maple sauce Stay Local and family owned- Stay Happy- and always Eat Well.

A photo of Sweet Dixie Kitchen's chicken slider can be seen on their Facebook page. The chicken used in the dish is reportedly the Popeye's chicken that is brought in.

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