FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Front bringing less humidity, but not any cooler

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Front bringing less humidity, but not any cooler

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - WAFB First Alert QuickCast, Wednesday, October 11:

  • Front moving east, “drier” air filtering in
  • Less humid but not really any cooler
  • Still tracking Ophelia in the central Atlantic

Many of you spent the better part of today under nearly cloudless skies and the humidity was down just a tad around Baton Rouge too.  A cold front is just east and south of the Baton Rouge metro area this afternoon and will slowly creep farther to the south and east through the evening. With the daytime heating, we did see a few cumulus clouds during the afternoon and our computer guidance suggests that there could be a few showers along the front later this afternoon and early evening, but the Red Stick will likely remain dry.

The front will continue to slowly move southward and eastward through the night and more "drier" (less humid) air from the north and northwest will filter into WAFBland.  Skies will continue to clear as the winds come out of the north and NNE tonight and tomorrow.  Expect a Thursday morning under mainly-clear skies with sunrise temperatures in the mid to upper 60°s.  Thursday afternoon will be mostly sunny and warm again, with highs in the mid to upper 80°s but the humidity will be down and that should make for a fairly nice day.

It's clear skies for Friday with a morning start in the low to mid 60°s.  Friday afternoon highs will climb into the upper 80°s to near 90°.  Like Thursday, the humidity will be on the low side but that's still way too warm for mid-October.

Saturday will be as warm as Friday if not a degree or two warmer. In addition, Saturday's humidity will be a little higher than what we anticipate for Thursday and Friday.  Keep that in mind if you are going to be tailgating for the LSU game or spending the afternoon in Tiger Stadium: it will be downright hot for mid-October, even in the shade.  If you will be sitting in the sun, don't forget the sunscreen.

Heading into Sunday/Monday, we are anticipating a more energetic "cold" front to sweep through the lower Mississippi Valley.  Sunday will be warm and a bit muggy with highs in the upper 80°s.  Expect a few showers and rumbles of thunder for Sunday afternoon, evening, and into the night ahead and along that front. We are not concerned about severe weather and rain chances will only run about 30% or so for the second half of Sunday.  We will carry rain chances at 20% into early Monday before the front clears the viewing area and delivers a much-deserved cool-down.  Monday's high will be in the low 80°s but it gets even better as we head into Tuesday and Wednesday.  For the time being, we have highs on Tuesday in the upper 70°s to low 80°s and forecasted highs for Wednesday in the low 80°s too.

Maybe our expected October weather is finally ready to make an appearance after all?

In other weather news, Ophelia is now a hurricane, the 10th consecutive 'named' storm of the 2017 season to reach hurricane intensity.  While Ophelia offers no threat to our side of the world, the latest National Hurricane Center forecast suggests that Ophelia's non-tropical remnants could deliver 60 to 70 mph winds as far north as the British Isles!