FIRST ALERT FORECAST: 'Cold' front brings dry, less humid, but not cooler weather

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: 'Cold' front brings dry, less humid, but not cooler weather

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - WAFB First Alert QuickCast for Tuesday, October 3:

  • Weak front moving through the region
  • Getting drier, less humid, but NOT cooler
  • Ophelia spins in the central Atlantic

It was a real mixed bag today in the Rainfall Department: some of you saw little if any rain today while others recorded an inch or more. Metro Airport, for example, recorded nearly two inches of rain this morning between 4:00 and 10:00 a.m. Today's hit-or-miss rains have been tapering off this afternoon across WAFBland and will continue to do so into the evening, although Doppler radar remains quite active near and east of the Crescent City. The WAFB First Alert Forecast for this evening calls for isolated showers with the showers becoming spotty into the night.

A weak "cold" front is taking its time as it moves through the WAFB region Tuesday and early Wednesday, and that means we could still see a few showers into the morning. Set Wednesday's morning low around 70° to the lower 70°s for the Red Stick with spotty showers in the area along with patchy fog: a muggy morning start under the clouds.

We are planning for slowly clearing skies through the day, becoming mostly fair by the mid to late afternoon. Yet even with a "cold" front moving through, area temperatures will remain warmer-than-normal with highs on Wednesday in the mid to upper 80°s.  The front will deliver a run of rain-free days and also provide a welcome dip in the local humidity, but temperatures will remain above normal through the week.

SEC Match-up, weekend forecast

Mostly sunny skies will be the rule for Thursday and Friday with generally fair skies on Saturday too.  Morning lows will be in the mid to upper 60°s for all three days around the Capital City region with highs in the upper 80°s. In fact, a few neighborhoods could be flirting with a high around 90° for Friday and/or Saturday.

It's going to be a very warm one in Tiger Stadium as Auburn comes calling: plan for shirts and t-shirts if you are going to the game and if you'll be sitting in the sun, we encourage you to take the sunscreen too.

Our Sunday forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with isolated afternoon showers and a high again in the upper 80°s. Our next front is scheduled for Monday, and this time we may actually get the cooldown we would expect -- or at least hope for -- with an October front.  Right now, we've got isolated showers on Monday as the front slides by with a high in the mid 80°s, followed by mostly sunny skies for next Tuesday with highs in the low 80°s -- now that's more like it!

Tracking the Tropics

In the Tropics Department, T.S. Ophelia continues to spin in the central Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) still thinks that Ophelia will become the 10th hurricane of the 2017 season but, of course, she will be no threat to land.

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