Bike Safety Tips

Bike Safety Tips

BATON ROUGE, LA - The following bike safety tips are provided by Bike Baton Rouge:

Always ride with traffic, not against it
(RS 32:197 Riding on Roadways and Bicycle Paths)
23% of bike fatalities involve a bicyclist riding illegally against traffic

Always use front and rear lights when it's dark
(RS 32:329 Bicycles; front lamps; side and rear reflectors; rear lamps)
50% of bike fatalities occur outside of daylight hours

Pass bicyclists safely, with at least three feet of clearance
RS 32:76.1 Limitations on passing bicycles
40% of bike fatalities involve an impact from behind

Look for bicyclists at all times, particularly at intersections and driveways
44% of bike fatalities occur at intersections

Don't bike or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
RS 14:98— Operating a vehicle while intoxicated
35% of bike fatalities involve a drunk driver or bicyclist

Treat all other road users with care and respect!

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