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West Nile Virus detected in EBR mosquito samples

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Source: WAFB Source: WAFB

East Baton Rouge Mosquito Control experts report West Nile Virus is showing up in traps planted in popular areas of the city.

It doesn't matter the time of day or day of the week, you're always bound to find someone fishing, golfing, feeding the fish, and so much more at the Baton Rouge City Park Lakes. Garret Tate and his brother, Thomas, say they are always game for some quality time there.

“We are going to kayak, enjoy the LSU Lakes. It's a pretty day,” said Tate.

The thought of mosquitoes or West Nile Virus is far from their minds. “I remember a couple years back when I was playing soccer, there was talks about that, mosquitoes with West Nile Virus, but I thought that was all over,” said Tate.

According to Assistant Director for EBR Mosquito Control Randy Baeth, the threat is far from over. He says two weeks ago, two of the mosquito samples taken near the lakes tested positive for WNV.  Baeth says 6,000 acres of land were treated for mosquitoes.

“You have all these people out in the evening being exposed to mosquitoes. That's one of our big concerns,” said Baeth.

Not far from there, in the Hundred Oaks neighborhood near Acadian, Baeth says the city had to pull its traps and start spraying. He says the large bird population, which acts as a host for WNV, was cause for alarm. But the most recent detection came from the Drusilla/Jefferson Highway neighborhood last week, where a mosquito sample tested positive for the virus. Baeth says the catch basins along the street are a big concern.

“Grass clippings, leaves get in there and create an organic environment that the house mosquito loves to breed in,” said Baeth.

Baeth also says it's important everyone take the same precautions they do during the hot summer months. Garret Tate was already wearing long sleeves. It's a start, but he says now he knows he should be doing more. “That's by chance. I definitely should have bug spray on me though. I didn't think about that,” said Tate.

To request spraying for your property, call 311 or the EBR Mosquito Control Office at 225-356-3297.

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