Final day of Flambeau Fest draws crowd

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - If you weren't at the inaugural Flambeau Fest and you're a country and southern rock fan, it looks like you missed out on a good time.

"It shows a lot of love as far as what's going on in the state, what's going on in our country right now. I tell you what, it just brings everybody together," said concert-goer, Dylan Ainsworth.

Organizers were forced to cancel Saturday's performances due to Hurricane Nate's threat, but the final day kicked off without a hitch.

"To be honest, we feel like we're lightning in a bottle. I feel like the country music gods are smiling on us," said event organizer, Mark Miller.

Not only were event planners faced with the decision to lose a day of family fun and music, but the mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas was in the back of everyone's mind. "It can happen anywhere, to be honest with you. It takes you to a different place," said Ainsworth.

Following the shooting, Miller says he and his team reviewed their safety plans so concert-goers would feel comfortable. "It's been in the planning stages for the last three years, but the last week has been the toughest. Number one was Vegas and the unbelievable events there. We met for two days about security and it was heightened to a very high level," said Miller.

Miller also says he's hoping the American music spirit will not only honor the victims of that festival shooting, but continue to unite those that listen. "We're trying to represent the spirit of the people last week who didn't get to enjoy a show. We want to provide it."

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