Gov. Edwards: Louisiana largely avoids damage from Hurricane Nate

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In a statement, the governor of Louisiana notes the state was largely spared major damaged from Hurricane Nate and offered prayers to eastern neighbors.

Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards conducted a briefing with selected members of the Unified Command Group (UCG) and the National Weather Service regarding the impacts of Hurricane Nate on Louisiana.

Following the briefing, Gov. Edwards released this statement:

Hurricane Nate had the potential to wreak havoc on Louisiana, but thankfully, we were largely spared major damage.  We can never predict with complete accuracy where a storm will go, but we can always be prepared.  Hurricane Nate moved at an unprecedented speed towards the Gulf Coast.  Because it moved so quickly, the damage was minimal in Louisiana.  However, a shift of a mere 50 miles to the West would have brought damaging winds and life-threatening storm surges.  State, local, and federal officials mobilized quickly to ensure our citizens had the information they needed to stay safe.  In Louisiana, we have far too much practice preparing for disasters, but I am confident that we will be ready for the next storm should we not be so lucky. Our neighbors to the East are taking the brunt of this storm, and we offer them our prayers and support as they assess the damage.

Hurricane Nate brought a burst of flooding and power outages to the U.S. Gulf Coast before weakening rapidly Sunday, sparing the region the kind of catastrophic damage wreaked by series of hurricanes that hit the southern U.S. and Caribbean in recent weeks.

Nate - the first hurricane to make landfall in Mississippi since Katrina in 2005 - quickly lost power, with its winds diminishing to a tropical depression as it pushed northward into Alabama and toward Georgia with heavy rains. It was a Category 1 hurricane at landfall outside Biloxi early Sunday.


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