Former SU Lab coach files lawsuit alleging firing was unjust

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Marcus Randall, who was fired from Southern Lab back in August amidst allegations of LHSAA violations, has now filed a lawsuit in the hopes of clearing his name.

More than a month after those allegations surfaced, Randall and his attorney, Jill Craft, filed the lawsuit Tuesday, October 3, throwing a flag on the play for how he was let go.

"From the university or the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, I had little contact. No one came to me to let me know exactly what was going on," said Randall.

In August, the state's athletic association stripped Southern Lab of its 2015 and 2016 state championship titles and slapped the program with sanctions through the next two years. The school was also hit with a $5,000 fine and a two-year playoff ban.

Randall says the school started looking into allegations of recruitment rule breaking last October, but the former LSU quarterback says even now, he has yet to see a single shred of evidence of public records to support the claims or warrant his termination.

"To hear this report come out and basically tie me into it, to say there was some illegal recruiting going on, even if that was the case, which I still have not seen, I would have not even been there during that time period," said Randall.

After he was let go, Randall claims he asked the Southern University Board of Supervisors for a hearing on the matter, but was denied. Now he believes the whole process was a witch hunt. "It was something... you know, something funny going on," Randall added.

9News reached out to Southern University asking about the claims and spelling out Randall's concerns. Less than an hour later, a university spokesman said they were not going to comment on ongoing litigation and issued the following statement.

The University is aware of a lawsuit filed by Marcus Randall. The Lab School and the University have no comment on pending litigation. The Lab School remains committed to maintaining a positive environment for student-athletes to complete and learn and to providing a quality academic experience that has been a long-standing tradition of the Lab School.

"What happened to Marcus is ridiculous and appalling," said Randall's attorney, Jill Craft.

Craft is outraged. She says the Lab School and the university violated her client's rights. As a state educator, she says he is guaranteed certain procedures under the law.

"He has the right to see the charges brought against him, to be able to put up evidence that says that's not true and to have some sort of minimal hearing," Craft explained.

Craft says the whole ordeal has been handled poorly and plans to prove it was flat out not right. "The problem is if they can do it to Marcus as an educator at Southern Lab, then it means they can do it to any other educator in the State of Louisiana and that's wrong," said Craft.

9News asked Randall if he wants to be reinstated as the head coach at Southern Lab. He says he has not put much thought into it and right now is only concerned about one thing.

"The main purpose is to clear my name of all of the things that's been said or all of the allegations that have been attached to my name," Randall added.

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