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Short-lived cool front on the way

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Obviously, Wednesday was a very warm day with a few showers in the WAFB area, but it wasn't quite “summer-like” hot. Our forecast for Thursday will read much the same as we wait for the promised cool front to slide through the region Thursday.

Thursday’s front will be a dry one for the most part. We have rain chances posted at 20 percent or less for Thursday afternoon. Expect a morning start around 70° to the lower 70°s for the Red Stick under mostly clear skies, although a few folks could see some patchy ground fog in the early morning hours. Into the afternoon, expect partly cloudy skies with spotty-to-isolated afternoon showers as the front slowly rolls through.

That front should be making its way south and over the coastal waters by Friday morning. You will probably notice a welcome drop in our local humidity for Friday morning. However, sunrise temperatures will still be in the upper 60°s the lower 70°s around the WAFB area, not all that big of a change. Expect mostly sunny skies for Friday afternoon with a high in the upper 80°s. By the afternoon, the dip in the humidity will make that heat very tolerable, even if that is still a bit warmer than normal for this time of year. It will be a warm and dry Friday afternoon and evening, great news for downtown's Live After 5 and area high school football games.

Saturday will be the beauty of the next several days with a morning start in the mid 60°s under clear skies and an afternoon high in the mid to upper 80°s under mostly sunny skies.

Unfortunately, the front’s impact will be relatively brief. By Sunday, the winds will start to swing back around, bringing Gulf moisture back into the area by the afternoon. After a morning start in the mid to upper 60°s, we will begin to feel the humidity creeping back in through the afternoon. Although Sunday's high will also be in the mid to upper 80°s, you are likely to notice the increased humidity compared to Saturday. In addition, the return of Gulf moisture will set the stage for isolated-to-scattered Sunday afternoon showers with rain chances at 20 to 30 percent.

We will keep rain chances running at about 20 percent for Monday and Tuesday with spotty showers in the extended outlook for Wednesday.

In the tropics, Maria has returned to hurricane strength and Lee became a major hurricane. Fortunately, Maria is moving away from the East Coast and of course, Lee has never been a landfall threat. Yet both storms are signs of what has been a busy season with 13 named storms already, with each of the last eight achieving hurricane strength. And Lee makes it five major hurricanes, the most in a single season since 2010.

As if that weren’t enough, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is now highlighting an area currently over the northern Caribbean that is expected to move towards Florida and the western Bahamas, giving that region a rather low-end 20 percent chance for development over the next five days. The NHC has not tagged the areas as an invest yet and fortunately for us, it will not be a system that is likely to impact the central Gulf Coast region.

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