OUR TURN: Traffic

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - You can say what you want about this plan and that plan, but one thing's for sure - our traffic problems are not going to solve themselves.

Yet, that seems to be our expectation as our leaders and area voters are saying no to every proposal that's floated to address the issue. The area task force assembled to study our traffic problem named itself CRISIS for a reason.

Our community's latest non-starter was the decision by the East Baton Rouge Metro Council not to put a property tax proposal on the November ballot. That comes on the heels of state lawmakers defeating a plan to raise the gas tax.

Another East Baton Rouge plan was voted down in last year's election. We're sure that none of these plans represented perfect solutions, but remember, many people believe that traffic gridlock is the number one problem in our area.

Almost everybody thinks it's a major problem. If we keep going like this complaining about traffic is going to be just as successful as complaining about the weather.

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