Baker High School fire could have impact on flood recovery efforts

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Baker High School suffered a blow to their flood recovery efforts. A portion of the school behind the gymnasium caught fire Sunday afternoon and the school is now assessing the damage.

Superintendent Dr. Herman Brister says their main concern is their ongoing negotiations with FEMA over how much flood relief money the school will receive.
Brister says they've been meeting with FEMA representatives weekly to talk about an aid package. They're scheduled to meet with FEMA again later next week, and Brister says the fire may or may not impact the negotiations.

"I think the fire, perhaps now... perhaps may complicate the issues a little bit. We've contacted our insurance broker about the fire and we'll see where it goes from there," said Brister.

Brister also says the school does not know how much repairs for the fire will cost. He did not allow news cameras to film any of the damage, saying the area is a crime scene and under control of the fire department.

Brister estimates the school will reopen in fall of 2019, but it could be sooner or later depending on a number of factors, such as funding and weather.

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