WEEKEND FORECAST: Heat is back, but what about rain?

WEEKEND FORECAST: Heat is back, but what about rain?

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Today had a "summer-ish" feel to it with temperatures up around 90° and summer-like humidity, too. But most stayed dry through the afternoon and it stays that way for most WAFB neighborhoods into the evening as well.

While we do see a few blips on Doppler radar Friday afternoon, most of that will fizzle-out by sunset. That will be good news for "Live After Five" as well as area high school football, although the evening stays a little on the warm side.

Expect mainly fair skies Friday with temperatures easing down through the 70°s. Saturday morning's sunrise should be under mainly-fair skies with a morning low around 70° to the low 70°s for the Baton Rouge metro area.

For Saturday afternoon, expect a high around 90° with an abundance of humidity, a reminder that it is still summer. In addition, we will add to that summer sensation with scattered afternoon t-showers. Set rain chances for Saturday afternoon at 30% to 40%: not an all-day wash-out by any stretch, and while we could see a few flashes of lightning and hear a few rumbles of thunder, we did not expect any severe storms for Saturday.

Rain chances on Sunday are set at 30%, with a morning start once again around 70° or so and an afternoon high around 90°.

The WAFB First Alert Forecast for the upcoming work week keeps scattered-to-isolated mainly-afternoon showers in the forecast with highs around 90° to the lower 90s for just about every day. With that forecast, it looks like will close out the final days of the official summer season (ending next Friday afternoon, Sep 22) with days that truly feel like south Louisiana summer.

There remains plenty of action in the tropics as we head into the weekend, too.

Jose has rebounded to hurricane strength this afternoon and is likely to remain there through the weekend and into next week. At the same time, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast track for Jose continues to be nudged ever-so-slightly to the west, making for nervous residents along a substantial stretch of the U.S. Atlantic Coast.

In the eastern tropical Atlanta, T.D. #14 is looking a little more ragged Friday compared to Thursday evening, but the NHC forecast still indicates that T.D. #14 will get the upgrade and become a tropical storm (T.S. Lee?) Friday or Saturday. Fortunately, current projections suggest that TD14/Lee will likely remain over the open Atlantic and be of no threat to land.

At the same time, Invest 96L continues to churn over the central tropical Atlantic, and the NHC anticipates that 96L will become a tropical depression or tropical storm in the next couple of days. In fact, 96L's satellite presentation is a bit more impressive than that of T.D. #14: could 96L beat T.D. #14 and get tagged as T.S. Lee first?  Regardless, it looks like we could have two new tropical storms by the end of the weekend. But more importantly, while 96L is far too distant for Gulf interests to be concerned about at this time, it does look like this system could threaten the Lesser Antilles in the next 3 to 5 days.

For us, however, no tropical threats in the weather picture at this time. Just keep your eyes to the afternoon skies this weekend to be on-guard for those passing t-showers … and enjoy the very warm weekend ahead.

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