YOUR TURN: LSU Student's Death

YOUR TURN: LSU Student's Death

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - This week's Your Turn segment goes to Wendy Woods.

Woods and dozens of other people reacted on our Facebook page to the tragic story this week of an LSU student who lost his life, with fraternity hazing and alcohol being considered as possible causes for his death. Woods believes the problem goes beyond LSU's fraternities. In her words:

The morality of college age kids today is disturbing. Just go to a football game. You'll get a glimpse of kids with no limits or common sense, drunk beyond reason, girls walking around half naked, tailgating with filthy music or videos playing. It's a dang shame you can't even take your family to campus without them getting an eyeful or an education. And yeah, it's not all of them, but seems to me the dean needs to get a hold of his campus and stop all this foolishness. Prayers to the family.

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