Human Jukebox, The Pride join for ‘America the Beautiful’ rendition

Human Jukebox, The Pride join for ‘America the Beautiful’ rendition

HATTIESBURG, MS (WAFB) - The Southern University and University of Southern Mississippi football teams may have battled on the field Saturday night in a 45-0 shutout loss for the Jags, but the schools' bands came together for a special halftime performance.

The Human Jukebox of Southern and The Pride of Mississippi united for an epic halftime finale at M.M. Roberts Stadium when they joined to perform "America the Beautiful."

Dr. Colin McKenzie, director of The Pride, approached the Human Jukebox director Prof. Nathan Haymer regarding the idea, and he was immediately on board.

"We live in a time where it is easy to feel divided and where we see division constantly" McKenzie said. "Each day, I see students from different countries, different races, different backgrounds, and different socio-economic situations come together, support each other, build each other up, and work together as to achieve a higher purpose – musical expression."

Haymer said there are many things that divide us as a nation but the power of music is the one element that bridges all gaps in humanity.

"Only one thing that unites us all," Haymer said. "And that's the power of music, the power of music unites us all. So this a great opportunity for America to come together for our country."

Haymer says he feels it is his responsibility as an "ambassador" to unite through music.

The Directors felt it was important to show that the two bands, though differing in tradition, history and style, can come together in a musical convergence for a common goal.

SU's band performed its show first, followed by The Pride's performance, before coming together to conclude the halftime show.

Watch the video below to see the epic performance:

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