Tiger fans tie the knot at tailgate

Janie and Jack Sharp (Source: WAFB)
Janie and Jack Sharp (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When an LSU boy loves an LSU girl you get an LSU tailgate with a wedding thrown in the mix.

A while back when Janie and Jack thought they were going to get married at their church, they realized September 9 would be LSU's home opener.

"You have to plan everything around LSU football. I mean what weekend is it? Is there a home game or away game? What time is the game? You have to plan everything around LSU football," said newlywed Janie Sharp.

It was their pastor's wife who suggested a tailgate wedding. Janie and Jack immediately began to plan.

"It was just a fun idea, have a tailgate wedding". "When we started telling people we were getting married at an LSU tailgate they were like what really and I'm like yeah," Janie said.

So, while everyone went on like it was a normal football game day, Janie, an LSU graduate, and Jack expressed their undying love for one another.

"I vow to cheer the tigers in good seasons and in mediocre seasons," said Jack.

Wedding guests, along with the couple were decked out in purple and gold, under a huge campus oak tree.

"I vow to always admire your huge, strong, kind and determined heart. I vow that I will carry your heart with me, always," Jack said.

The newlyweds said their LSU themed wedding day was everything they could have dreamed of.

"It was all about getting everybody together and being able to marry this fabulous man," Janie said.

Surrounded by thousands of the LSU faithful. The Sharps said they wouldn't change a thing. "I see these vows not as a promise but as a privilege," said Jack.

"This wasn't a joke. It's love. We love LSU, we love Baton Rouge, we love Louisiana. We love," Jack said.

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