Baton Rouge to convert blighted property into EMS station serving Millerville area

EMS Station Millerville (Source: WAFB)
EMS Station Millerville (Source: WAFB)
EMS Station Millerville (Source: WAFB)
EMS Station Millerville (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Officials announced Wednesday that work has begun on a standalone East Baton Rouge Parish EMS station that will serve the Millerville area of Baton Rouge.

The building is an old Jiffy Lube oil change shop located just south of I-12 at the corner of Millerville Road and Old Hammond Highway.

One ambulance will be permanently assigned to the station 24 hours a day. The building has adequate space for more ambulances and crews in times of emergencies.

The ambulance and crew are currently working out of the Eastside Fire Department.

Chad Guillot, the interim administrator of EBR EMS, says the new station's proximity to major roadways makes it "an excellent location for quick response" to medical emergencies.

The building was vacant for almost 10 years and had several leans against it.

EMS officials worked with the parish's attorney, to acquire the building for $350,000.

Guillot said the cost to build a new EMS station would be about $800,000.

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome said the building is a great way for the city-parish to use blighted property.

"This is very exciting to repurpose a blighted property for a wonderful use for EMS, and it certainly will add value to the community, and in addition, it will add value to our delivery of services through EMS.

I'm very excited to see this be a transformative experience for our city and our parish, and I look forward to other opportunities like this where we can repurpose blighted property to develop it into something that adds value to our communities."

The project's contractor, Floyd Luster, explained the old underground oil bays in the floor will be filled in with concrete along with one of the stairs leading down to the sub ground level.

One of the stairs will be left intact and will allow for ample storage space underneath the building.

The new station is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

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