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Trach Mommas of Louisiana sends help to medically fragile children impacted by Harvey

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A group that helped medically fragile children after south Louisiana’s historic flood in August 2016 is now reaching out to Texas to do the same.

On Saturday, Trach Mommas of Louisiana will be delivering a truckload of supplies to Houston for children with tracheotomies. Those children require extensive care and rely on specialized equipment to stay alive. If those supplies got washed away in the flood, it could become a life or death situation for the children.

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“All of these supplies, all of these specialty formulas, you cannot buy at a store,” said Angela Lorio, one of the co-founders of Trach Mommas. Her son relies on a trach.

After seeing floodwaters rise in Houston, Lorio and her team jumped into action, gathering tubing, clothes, diapers, and more. The group is made up of the moms of trach babies from across the state, women that know firsthand the importance of accessing those supplies.

“She could not survive without all of this equipment,” said Aimee Diez. Her 15-month-old daughter was born with an undiagnosed genetic disorder and relies on a tracheotomy to breathe.

The Trach Mommas of Louisiana are not along in this effort. They are expecting large shipments of donations from Boston, Chicago, and Ohio in the coming days. They will sort the deliveries in Baton Rouge before shipping them to where they're needed most.

“It’s just amazing to know we’re not in this alone, we have this collaborative effort,” said Jessica Michot, the other co-founder of the group.

This is not the organization’s first go-round with massive flooding. Last year, they helped parents across the Baton Rouge area during the historic flood. One of those with Anna Vallery. Her toddler has a trach. Last year, she got 3 feet of water in her Denham Springs home.

“The only thing we had was what we carried on our back,” said Vallery.

She depended on the Trach Mommas for help then. One year later, she is paying that kindness forward, donating and helping sort supplies. “It's devastating and anything we can do to help is worth it,” she said.

The Trach Mommas are still welcoming donations of specialized supplies. More details on what they are looking for and where to send them can be found here. For more information about the group, check out their Facebook page here.

The group is also accepting monetary donations via PayPal.

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