Bye, bye Harvey. Hello beautiful weekend!

Bye, bye Harvey. Hello beautiful weekend!

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - After leaving us with a final "Goodbye!" in the form of a few t-storms last evening, Harvey is now entirely out of our weather picture although "he" continues to dump significant rains in parts of the eastern United States. For us, westerly and northwesterly flow behind Harvey has meant a bit of a dip in the local humidity today, plus a welcomed drop in our rain potential for the next few days.

Indeed, Friday was drier than we expected and we think that's going to continue through the better part of the Labor Day Weekend, too!

Labor Day weekend, the "unofficial" end of summer.

With Mother Nature apparently willing to deliver a fairly nice 3-day weather package, it is time to get ready for the long-weekend "3 Gs":  grilling, gardening, and … well … grass-cutting. I've added grass-cutting because if you are like me, the grass-cutting is likely to take the better part of a day after our recent run of rainy days.

Yes, the WAFB First Alert Forecast for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is a pretty good one. Plan for mornings with sunrise temperatures in the upper 60°s to low 70°s across WAFBland under mainly-clear skies. For the afternoons, we are expecting fair to partly-cloudy skies for all three days with highs in the upper 80°s to around 90°.

We can't say "no rain" for the Labor Day weekend, but we do expect a mainly-dry Saturday and Sunday. As for Labor Day Monday, we are only posting a 20% chance of afternoon showers, so don't let that change any outdoor plans.

There is more good news. September's first "cold" front arrives in the middle of next week. Admittedly, "cold" is a bit of a descriptive stretch but you will definitely notice a difference. However, we will have to get past a round of frontal rains first.

We are expecting scattered, mainly-afternoon showers and a few thunderstorms on Tuesday.  Then it will be scattered-to-numerous rains on Wednesday, especially during the first half of the day the way the guidance looks for now.  At this time, these do not shape-up to be flooding rains nor do we anticipate a widespread severe weather event with the mid-week front.

While highs on Thursday and Friday are expected to be up around 80° to the lower 80°s under sunshine, the humidity will be very low, making for a pair of very comfortable days. And how about morning lows for those two days in the low 60°s for the Capital City region! In fact, a couple of our extended forecast tools are suggesting that some neighborhoods could see the upper 50°s.

As for the tropics, there is good news there, too. For the past few days, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) had been showing low-end chances for the development of low-pressure in the southwestern Gulf. That is now "off the forecast table."

In the meantime, we continue to track Hurricane Irma, the ninth 'named' system of the 2017 season. (By the way, the NHC's historical data indicate that the "average" date of the ninth 'named' storm is October 4.)  Although Irma showed some modest weakening earlier today, she is already rebounding and likely returns to 'major' hurricane strength later Friday. The NHC keeps Irma as a Category 3 storm for the next five days but it is interesting to note that some of the computer model forecasts suggest even more strengthening down the road.

Understandably, there is a lot of attention and concern regarding Irma. However, Irma is well to our east in the Atlantic Ocean, with a current forecast track putting 'her' at least five days from the Lesser Antilles. Irma's 'eye' is currently more than 3000 miles east of the Bayou State.

So check your tropical "Game Plan" and let's put any concern regarding Irma to the side for the time being. We can enjoy the Labor Day weekend knowing that it will be "tropical free" in the Gulf and even "rain free" for many of us. As for Irma, let's see where she is around next Friday.

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