'Starting Over' - Coach O Profile

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has vowed to take the Tigers in an exciting new direction and if you're wondering where Coach O gets his enthusiasm, look no further than his biggest fan.

"We were playing a big game at South LaFourche, maybe the quarterfinals my junior year," Coach Orgeron said. "We're on the way to the state championship. She bangs on the door. She has my football helmet on. She has pom poms in one hand and a shrimp po-boy in the other and she says,  'Let's go boy. We gotta win tonight!"

Hear what Mrs. Coco Orgeron has to say about her son, known by the family as "Baba," and how even at a young age, he was a great leader.

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