Proof of loss deadline for NFIP policyholders of Dec. 31 will not be extended

(WAFB) - The Louisiana Department of Insurance held a roundtable discussion on Wednesday with representatives from GOHSEP and FEMA about flood insurance policyholders who were affected by the August 2016 floods.

The deadline for policyholders to submit proof of loss to keep a readjustment option open will not be extended past December 31.

Louisiana Department of Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon wants unsatisfied policyholders to know they have options.

"I think there's a large understanding about that's it, you're not getting any more out there, and I hope through today and your efforts in the media we can let folks know there are avenues available to them but fast approaching is a deadline that will cut that avenue off from them to get additional payment for their loss that they had insurance in place for."

Officials say those who are not satisfied with the payments from the National Flood Insurance Program should reach out to their insurance company. The second option is to file an appeal of the denial of your claim with FEMA.

The third option is to file a lawsuit in the Federal District Court where the damage occurred within one year after the date your NFIP insurer first denied all or part of your claim in writing. If FEMA is your flood insurance provider you must file suit against FEMA.

If you have new or additional damages that were not covered by your initial flood insurance payment they have until December 31 to file an additional proof of loss to the national flood insurance program. You can file an additional proof of loss is by contacting your insurance company.

Donelon says between 12 and 13 percent of those affected by the August 2016 floods in Louisiana had flood insurance. 30,000 flood insurance claims were filed because of the floods. FEMA officials say they've closed 99 percent of those claims. Only 300 appeals have been filed, according to Donelon and 38 of those appeals have resulted in additional payments to policyholders.

The Louisiana Department of Insurance has a hotline set up for consumers who need help with submitting a proof of loss or an appeal to FEMA. You can call them at 1-800-259-5300 or go to

FEMA also has a hotline 1-800-427-4661 or you can visit

Additional information on the claims and appeals process can be found here:

If after using the above resources and or others available to you (i.e. insurance agent, insurance company, etc.), you still need help and answers, please contact the Advocate's Office for assistance by using information provided at

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