Put a coin on a cup of ice before a hurricane

Put a coin on a cup of ice before a hurricane

This trick could save you from food poisoning.

Whether you're evacuating because of a hurricane or you're just leaving for vacation, you'll want to know if the power went out while you were away.

Gulf and East Coast states know what bad hurricanes look like and sometimes, it's required to leave during the worst storms.

Texas is bracing for Hurricane Harvey, which is predicted to make landfall as a Category 3 storm late Friday or early Saturday. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in various Gulf Coast cities, including Calcasieu Parish.

As a result, evacuees might return home worried whether the food in their fridge is safe to eat.

Thanks to Shiela Pulanco Russell of North Carolina, we've learned a simple trick that could save you from food poisoning.

Fill a cup with water, put it in the freezer until it's solid, then place a coin on top.

Once you return, check the placement of the coin. If the coin is at the bottom of the cup, that means the power went out, the ice melted and the coin sank. If this is the case, the food in the fridge is no longer safe to eat.

If the power went out long enough for a cup of ice to melt in an insulated fridge or freezer, your food spent hours at room temperature or warmer. If you find the coin at the bottom of the cup, it might be a good indicator that you should clean out the fridge and not risk eating potentially contaminated food.

If the coin is still on top where you left it, the power stayed on long enough to keep your food cold.

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