Baton Rouge doctor performing new stroke prevention surgery

Source: Silk Road Medical
Source: Silk Road Medical

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One doctor in Baton Rouge is offering a surgery that he says could change the future of stroke prevention.

Dr. Vince Weaver at Baton Rouge General's Vascular Specialty Center first learned about TCAR in New York, and now he's the first doctor in south Louisiana to perform it. TCAR stands for TransCarotid Artery Revascularization. Weaver has successfully helped three patients in Baton Rouge this month.

Rather than open up arteries to clear a path for blood flow, the doctor makes a smaller incision and inserts a catheter to reverse the flow of blood. Dr. Weaver says this lowers the potential for something to go wrong. "It truly has the lowest stroke rates," Dr. Weaver said. "The lowest complication rates of all the interventions offered to date for carotid artery disease. And over time, I do believe that it could potentially replace the way that we change or treat carotid disease."

Another benefit is that the surgery leaves a very small scar that is less than an inch in length, as opposed to older procedures that would leave a scar that was over three inches.

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