Brusly High seniors create memorable parking spots

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - Just before the school year ended last year, a group of upcoming seniors at Brusly High School decided they wanted to make their mark on the school with a little imagination and color.

The students came up with the idea to paint the parking spots to represent each senior driver. They soon reached out to administration to get the paint roller rolling.

"At first, they were like um I don't think so," said senior Ashlin Herbert.

But after a little research, and school leaders laying out strict guidelines, they were convinced.

"We gave them the okay so then they knew it was serious and then it just kind of steam rolled from there," said Principal Walt Lemoine.

Principal Lemoine said in his 16 years as leader of Brusly High, allowing teenagers to paint the school grounds is a first but this gives students a chance promote individuality while still following the rules.

"We promote leadership within the students and ownership within the school. To me, this is just a combination of all that," he said.

Saturday was the first day students could paint their spaces and some laid the groundwork.

"I just have to put a few words and a crown because I'm a princess and a frog," said senior Kyana Thymes.

Seniors Amelie Fleming and Adam Kirkland are ahead of the game, they're finished.

"It took me about 6 hours. It was a long 6 hours in this weather," said Adam Kirkland.

Fleming said after working non-stop in the heat "it came out ten thousand times better than I could have ever dreamed of."

Fleming said designing her detailed space that features tinker bell and a sunflower allows her to express her personality.

"Tinker bell is like my childhood and even though we're graduating and we're seniors it's like I still want to hold on to my childhood and be young once," she said.

Herbert who was working on a geometric design agrees.

"School is so uniform and routine. Whenever you get to do something that's out of the ordinary of your everyday day at school it's nice," she said.

But with school in just a few hours, one senior is rethinking whether she wants to roll over her work.

"I don't even want to park on it. Like it just means so much to me because it has tinker bell and my name on it and the sunflower is so pretty," said Fleming.

School administration said the students must have the parking spaces complete by Labor Day.

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