WAFB Reporter gets fairy tale wedding proposal

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It is a wedding proposal that fairy tales are made of and Cinderella was even there to witness it all unfold.

During a visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando with her boyfriend this week, WAFB reporter Carmen Farrish was on a mission to see as many Disney characters as she could find.

As the two stopped for a photo with Cinderella, Carmen's boyfriend Kenyatta Poe got down on one knee and asked Carmen to marry him.

A stunned Carmen made sure she heard him right before saying "yes" and giving Kenyatta a huge hug. He then put a beautiful diamond ring on her finger.

"I wasn't quite sure I had heard him right," a beaming Carmen told co-workers Friday morning. "It was like he was talking in slow motion."

Carmen, a native of Mississippi, joined the WAFB News team last January.

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