LSU Ed O talks Key, Narcisse, Etling not official starter

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Returning starter Danny Etling and Myles Brennan have dominated the quarterback talk at LSU during fall camp, but Coach O says don't forget about another true freshman, Lowell Narcisse from St. James High School.

Narcisse has been so resilient to battle back from not one, but two major knee injuries – an ACL tear to his right and left knees.

"Really good, has improved in throwing the football. Obviously he ran a bootleg on the goal line the other day, looked great at it," Coach Ed Orgeron said in a press conference Thursday. "Nobody touched him. He can run the ball really well. He's big and strong."

Coach O said he's Lowell is still learning the offence and getting comfortable.

"You have to remember, Lowell never took a snap under center. That's a whole another world, taking a snap under center instead of shotgun," Orgeron said. "So he struggled a little bit with it in spring, which is natural. Now he's getting the whole offense down."

"He's right there, he's right there, no question," Orgeron said.

Orgeron said he's not ready to name Etling the starter just yet.

"No, it's not over yet. Do I think Danny will be our starter? Probably," Orgeron said. "But it's not over yet, and I wouldn't be surprised if something happened."

When asked if Arden Key would play in the season opener, Coach O said he didn't think so.

"I'm not sure, but I don't think so," Orgeron said. "But nothing that dude does, would surprise me."