FIRST ALERT: Slight increase in rain chances coming

FIRST ALERT: Slight increase in rain chances coming


  • There will be a slight increase in rain chances for Friday, and even better chances over the weekend.
  • It’s busy in the tropics, but there is no immediate threats to the Gulf Coast region.

Today turned out a little drier than we expected and we doubt anyone is complaining about that. As expected, the lack of cloud coverage let temperatures get into the low-to-mid 90s for the afternoon, but heat index readings peaked at 105 degrees or below for many neighborhoods.

Today's Heat Advisory will be allowed to expire at 7 p.m. and no advisory is expected for Friday.

In some ways, you could say that the attention surrounding today's Heat Advisory was a little heavy-handed. It's August, it's supposed to be hot and humid. Indeed, we have had hotter days this summer that did not have heat advisories issued for them.

The National Weather Service's criteria for a local Heat Advisory calls for a maximum air temperature of 103° or more and/or a peak Heat Index reading of 108° or more. We didn't reach either of those today.

Keep in mind that a Heat Advisory is a 'heads up' alert suggesting that the criteria temperatures might be reached and to allow people to plan their day – especially outdoor activities -- accordingly.


Expect clear skies overnight and into early Friday morning with a sunrise temperature in the mid 70°s for the Red Stick.

For Friday afternoon, we will go with a 30% chance of afternoon t-showers and a high temperature again climbing up into the low 90s. Although the Heat Index will almost certainly get above 100 degrees on Friday afternoon in your neighborhood, it is very unlikely that they will reach our local Heat Advisory criteria even though the afternoon high temperature and the peak Heat Index readings on Friday will be similar to what we saw today.


Heading into the weekend, rain chances continue to rise with a 50-50 chance of afternoon rains on Saturday and a 60 percent chance of afternoon showers and storms on Sunday.

As is typical for this time of year, neither day will be an all-day wash-out. You will need to keep your eyes to the skies to plan around passing showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures for both days will be in the low 90s.


The outlook for "Solar Eclipse" Monday remains touch-and-go with a 40 percent chance of afternoon showers and storms.  With the eclipse window set roughly at noon until 3 p.m., chances are that cloud cover may be an issue even if it's not raining. Keep your fingers crossed.


The First Alert Forecast for Tuesday through Thursday continues to call for scattered afternoon rains, running at roughly 50 percent on Tuesday, 40 percent on Wednesday, and then possibly down to 30 percent on Thursday.

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