Iberville Parish Jail to close for 60 days to change out HVAC system

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A jail in Iberville Parish is set to close for nearly two months because of upgrades to the facility.

Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi announced the Iberville Parish Jail will be closed for approximately 8 weeks beginning on Friday, August 18, to change out the facility's air conditioning system and replace all showers with durable stainless steel.

Officials say male inmates at the jail will be transferred to two state correctional facilities. Those arrested will be brought to the West Baton Rouge Parish Jail and either will be bonded out there or transferred to one of the other facilities if they cannot post bond.

Stassi said those jail facilities were chosen because they are working with Iberville to transport the inmates to Iberville when they have court dates.

The Sheriff's litter crew will continue to pick up litter in the parish on its regular schedule, officials say. The jail's booking staff will continue with their duties during this period, and other jailers will be re-assigned to other duties during the HVAC system upgrade.

"The HVAC system is very old, and simply needs to be completely replaced," Stassi said. "There is no way to maintain a safe jail environment with this work going on. This is a complex operation but is necessary to keep everyone safe."

Stassi noted this move will be the second for the Sheriff's Office in less than a month.

The Sheriff's Office headquarters, including all of its administrative, civil and tax departments moved out of the Iberville Parish Courthouse at the end of July for approximately two months while HVAC system upgrades are being made in the courthouse.

The offices will also be updated with new floors, desks, filing systems and paint.

The offices are being temporarily located in the Gascon-Wintz administrative building adjacent to the courthouse. "It's tight quarters, but we are continuing to serve the public and get work done," Stassi said.

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