Construction keeps some LSU students from moving into apartments

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some LSU students cannot start moving in just yet because their apartments are not ready. The Park Place apartments, which are privately owned and just off LSU's main campus, are still under construction.

Classes at LSU begin Monday, Aug. 21 and many students are moving in this week, but not those who will be staying at the Park Place Apartments.

"We got an email a couple of days before move in that basically said they would not be ready," said Ciera Handsborough.

"They put us in a hotel for a little bit. For me it is only a week. I know for some people it is Sept. 1. At least they gave us something and not make you scramble on your own," said Christian Christoffersen.

Christoffersen is just one of the students impacted. The apartment's corporate owner is providing housing at nearby hotels for everyone and even storage for the inconvenience. Christoffersen gets to move in this Friday, but Handsborough has to spend three weeks at the Crowne Plaza since she won't move in till Sept. 1.

"I have to get up probably at eight just to get a good parking somewhere just in case I do not park in the parking garage, but that is on me as far as getting up. Other than that, I do not mind taking a drive," said Handsborough.

Both students are making the best out of it and agree the apartment company is working with them. If there's one issue, it's food.

"Only problem here is living off of beef jerky and Powerade and a couple of microwavable dinners, that's it," said Christoffersen.

But even that isn't too much of a problem.

"I'm getting the best out of it. I could think negative on it but I am going to keep a positive attitude about it," said Handsborough.

The company said if any student did not need temporary housing, they are prorating their rent accordingly. All students will get three times their base rent as a concession and $75 worth of gift card for transportation.

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