'Thrive, don't just survive': message from church on anniversary of flood

Robin Heaton remembers that fateful day all too well.

One year ago, she hopped on a boat and was taken to safety while she watched her home in Denham Springs overflow with water.

In these troubling times, she turned to her faith... and faith answered.

"We had so much help from all the churches," Heaton said. "It was amazing. We had churches from Slidell, from all over the country coming in to help us so it was wonderful."

Heaton and fellow members of Saint Andrew's United Methodist Church commemorated the anniversary of the flood with a joyful service.

Held outdoors with live music, Senior Pastor Tom Howe said he wanted to deliver a message of excelling during hard times.

"By faith, we thrive," Howe said. "And the whole concept here is that we need to get away from the world. We're not called to just to survive. We're called to thrive."

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome and Sheriff Sid Gautreaux were honorary guests.

They joined the many members that signed their name, along with a message of hope on a banner.

This banner will be hung at the church so that members are inspired as the recovery continues.

"Maintain your faith, continue working together," Gautreaux said. "Continue to come together, to help each other like we did a year ago."

"I want people to be encouraged and to be strong in their faith and their belief and know that as the mayor, I am doing everything possible and we will intensify our efforts to makes sure that recovery comes full circle," Broome said.

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