Denham Springs residents vote on projects to improve city

Denham Springs residents vote on projects to improve city
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Almost a year after the unprecedented August flood, the City of Denham Springs is on the verge of bouncing back in a big way.

"This thing is about what the community wants to see here in the future. How do you see your town? What are things you want to see and what are things you want here," said Community Recovery Coordinator, Jeanette Clark.

Clark said the city enlisted the help of FEMA's National Disaster Recovery Framework program. For the past two months, the organization "Denham strong" has been having community-based meetings to ask residents how they see the city in the future.

After getting an endless amount of project suggestions from residents like improving roads, increasing after school services for youth and mental health awareness; three categories were created: Disaster Resiliency, Community Development, and Flood Recovery.

"We're going to take the top projects from the Disaster Resiliency and Community Development group and pair it with the four Flood Recovery projects and have about 12 projects that will be in this plan," said Clark.

During the last community open house, people will vote on which projects they want to see started on first.

"This is a community plan. It's the community that did this and very rare that you get to say hey I want this and people are going to listen so I would say take advantage of that," said Clark.

Clark said these improvements give the community a chance to start over with a new vision and it's the input of the people that will make it happen.

"You want them to stay here and what's going to make them stay here. What are things they want to see? What are things that'll help them in their life? That's what we want to focus on," said Clark.

The community open house will be on Saturday, August 12 at Denham Springs Junior High from 9 a.m. - Noon.

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