Glen Oaks High School returns to home campus for new school year

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's the first week back to school for most of the WAFB viewing area.

Some East Baton Rouge Parish schools are returning to their home campus for the new school year.

Exactly one year after the flood, the students and staff of Glen Oaks High School are finally home.

"Being back has just been amazing," said senior Jaelyn Blue. "It's like a new energy buzz like you can feel it from everybody in the school. They're so excited to be back in the new school and to see all the improvements that have been made and it feels good."

The new facelift brings that exciting buzz that's shared between students, teachers, and the family that surrounds the school.

"We're really happy to be home here in Glen Oaks," said Edward Hunter, principal of Glen Oaks High School. "This community needs us and we need this community. We're very excited about being here. We're looking forward to a great school year."

Crews have been working non-stop to get the facility up and running before the first day of school.

While Glen Oaks High sports new administrative offices and classrooms, there is still visible evidence of the flood's presence. Parts of the school received up to four feet of water.

"I just can't say enough how I feel about being back on this campus," said Harvey Adger, boys' head basketball coach and P.E. teacher. "Knowing that you're not cramped in a small space, the kids are enjoying it and we're looking forward to an enjoyable school year."

There is still work that needs to be done, but there is no definite timeline for when the entire campus will be complete.

The main thing is these Panthers have everything they need to get this school year started. Everyone is grateful to have a space of their own again.

"You don't miss what you had until it's gone so I'm very thankful. My staff has been great. My administration has been great. The kids have been resilient. I mean I couldn't ask for anything more," Hunter added.

As the old adage goes, there's no place like home.

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