Mother's school supply drive honors son

Mother's worst nightmare sparks quest to encourage kids
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Quindell Woods (Source: Family)
Quindell Woods (Source: Family)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When a shooting took her 24-year-old son in December of 2009, grief gave Lisa Rodney a new mission.

"Stop all of the killings and show love. Instead of picking up a gun, pick up a book and love. That's all I'm asking each and every one of you to do," said Lisa Rodney.

Quindell Woods left behind three kids of his own. In the decade since her son's murder, Rodney has worked to give her grandchildren and others in the community tools to stay away from violence and succeed in life. She started with giving bicycles to deserving students in neighboring schools with her organization, Riding Your Way to Success, in memory of her son's favor favorite past time.

Rodney said her son started riding a two-wheel bicycle at two years old. She was amazed at his ability at such a young age and his love for riding grew from there.

Now in addition to giving bicycles to students, she's giving away book bags stuffed with school supplies.

Several parents said the event was beneficial to the community.

"A lot of parents out here can't afford this kind of stuff, due to the flood that was in August of last year. A lot of people lost a lot of stuff and people still trying to get on their feet," said parent Lora Simmons.

Rodney said she only wants kids to realize there's more to life than violence and that you have to work hard to find success.

"It's positive things we can do together. It takes a village to raise children and I want to be part of that village. I want to be able to raise children up instead of tearing people down," said Rodney.

Almost 200 book bags filled with school supplies were given away.

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