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UK Holds Annual Media Day

LEXINGTON, KY (WAVE)   Hope springs eternal as the University of Kentucky football team gears up for another season.  The team held their annual media day on Sunday for all the coaches and players to weigh in on the upcoming season.  "We all do that let's go work on let's go play let's not talk about it and worry about all that and get better," said head coach, Mark Stoops.  

The team is also starting camp on Sunday, and the players are excited to get to work.  "Really excited to start football again you going to the first day of camp excited ecstatic ready to go," said starting quarterback, Stephen Johnson.  After making it to their first bowl game in six years last season, the Cats only look to improve from here in Stoops fifth season.  "That's what I feel confident about the confidence is there we have to keep our fingers on them and keep pushing them and we can't take steps back we have to keep going forward progress and not waste an opportunity," said Stoops.

In between talking to the media, the players seemed very laid back, loose and comfortable taking group photos.  "We know what to expect we know what's going on with the SEC conference so with that that's why we are so laid back that's why we like to have fun but when we get on the field we keep it 110," said senior wide receiver, Blake Bone.  The Cats open the season at Southern Mississippi on Saturday September 2nd.  

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