First responders help community prepare for weather threats

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Whether you're preparing for the next potential natural disaster or making up a family fire plan, the East Baton Rouge Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (MOHSEP) want to make sure your family is "Red Stick Ready" for what ever comes your way.

"The more prepared we are, the calmer we are. We're less scared. We feel comfortable in doing the right things that affect our family and loved ones," said Chief Ed Smith of the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

Nearing the one year anniversary of the August 2016 flood, the community is still on edge. Experts say it's important to prepare before disaster strikes by making sure your pantries are stocked with the necessities.

"Now so more than ever, I think the attention is on the preparedness effort. Knowing what we should do prior to the disaster," said Kellie Mcgaha, interim director of MOHSEP.

Sandy Miller with East Baton Rouge Parish EMS says disaster supply kits should include items like canned goods, water, batteries, flash lights, and a radio that can operate on something besides electricity.

Officials also say it's also important to keep cash and documents like birth certificates, insurance cards, and driver's license in a safe location.

And just in case you're forced to leave your home, have that evacuation plan ready. "How do you exit your home? What two ways do you have out of your home? What do you need when you get our of your home," said Smith.

Lt. Wayne Martin with the BRPD K9 unit says don't worry about your home or business, the K9 units constantly patrol during disasters to make sure buildings stay secure.

"Even though you're leaving your property, it's not being unguarded. So hopefully you can put the safety of your family first and evacuate and let us take care of our property," he said.

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