Historic Hotel Lincoln up for sale

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The blighted property, Hotel Lincoln, best known for hosting high-profile African Americans during the segregation era, is up for sale.

The owner attempting to sell the 12,000 square foot building is former Southern University Vice Chancellor Brandon Dumas. If you recognize that name, he was in the news recently after he was let go from the university following an investigation into a leaked personal video.

Dumas took ownership of the property when it was donated to him by his father in 2011. At the time, the value was $55,000. The property, according to realtor Renee Broussard of Vanguard Realty, has been on the market since June 26 and is listed at $550,000.

The historic hotel, located on Eddie Robinson Sr. Dr., has been vacant for decades. Broussard says she has received several inquiries and offers, however a deal has not yet been reached.

She also says her client's recent issues with Southern University's investigation had nothing to do with his decision to sell. Rather, it's a decision that's been in the making for months.

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