Gillis Indicted for Murder of Joyce Williams

More and more, the case of accused serial killer Sean Gillis appears to mirror that of Derrick Todd Lee. They're both accused of killing women at about the same time, both allegedly crossed racial lines with the murders, and now Gillis stands indicted in the same parishes as Lee.

A West Baton Rouge judge announced the latest indictment against Gillis Thursday. It didn't take long for the four women and seven men on the grand jury to indict Gillis, only about an hour. But prosecutors say what those grand jurors heard was gut wrenching.

It was back in January of 2000 when hunters discovered a body on the side of the Mississippi River levee, three miles south of the Plaquemine ferry. Investigators later learned the body was that of 36-year-old Joyce Williams, but it would take another four years before Sean Gillis would reportedly confess to killing her.

"Quite honestly, they looked at it and they had no doubt at all," says Prosecutor Tony Clayton.

Clayton says that's why it took the West Baton Rouge grand jury less than an hour to indict Gillis for second degree murder. Clayton says one investigator presented evidence from the scene which corroborated Gillis' confession that he mutilated Williams' body.

"Some of them were crying, I mean when they were listening to him tell them about what happened and showing them the body and disfigurement."

With this indictment, Gillis now stands accused of killing seven women, though he's reportedly confessed to killing eight.

"He killed Joyce Williams over here and the people of this parish have to determine whether or not he's guilty of it," says Clayton.

Gillis will appear in a West Baton Rouge courtroom on Friday to enter his plea to this second degree murder charge. Gillis is also indicted in Lafayette and East Baton Rouge Parishes, each on a count of first degree murder. And prosecutors in both parishes say they will seek the death penalty. George.

Gillis also reportedly confessed to killing Lilian Robinson. She is the only confessed victim that Gillis has not been charged for murdering. Robinson reportedly disappeared in January of 2000. Authorities found her body in February in the Atchafalaya Basin between the Whiskey Bay and Butte La Rose exits.

Reporter: Avery Davidson