BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Last December, after being elected mayor of Baton Rouge, Sharon Weston Broome announced that she would be replacing Chief Administrative Officer William Daniel. Previously, she had campaigned on a pledge to replace Police Chief Carl Dabadie.

Fast forward seven months, and we suppose you could say that Mayor Broome has the job half done. With Dabadie's retirement, she has managed to oust both men from their positions. While the mayor has the prerogative to have her own people, it's worth noting that Daniel and Dabadie were generally well regarded.

What's not OK is for these critical positions to be left open. It would have been helpful if Mayor Broome had concluded the recruiting for the CAO position prior to Dabadie's retirement. Now, two of the positions most vital to her success are open, and she has already stumbled once in her first major recruiting attempt.

While it's Mayor Broome's right to hire whoever she wants, she's also intimated that it's her right to conduct the recruiting process in secret. We would strongly suggest that would be a mistake that could lead to another mistake.

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