Sen. Kennedy pushes for funding for Comite Diversion Canal project in DC

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WAFB) - U.S. Senator John Kennedy is making the push for the Comite Diversion Canal in Washington, D.C.

He says the latest budget plan includes record funding for the Army Corps of Engineers next year, and he's hopeful that some of that money could be used to get started on the canal.

"They're using old data and they say the cost is not greater than the benefit. Well, they were not in Louisiana when it flooded, but at least we got the money allocated, funding set aside. Now it's going to become my job and Senator Cassidy's job to convince the Corps of Engineers that the Comite Diversion Canal makes sense," said Kennedy.

Of course, the deal is by no means done. The budget bills will still likely change as the House and full Senate get their say. The canal will still have to compete with other projects nationwide when the corps decides how to spend those dollars.

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